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Aegea: Technology Update


In order to gain innovation, scalability, security and resilience, the adoption of a high performance database infrastructure is fundamental to the company's success.


TA partnership between Aegea and V8.TECH started in the second half of 2017, when the company, one of the largest in the private basic sanitation segment in the country, conquered the market and needed an update in its technological environment to meet the increased demand. With the legal framework for sanitation in Brazil, signed in July 2020, the company's growth potential is even more significant - it approaches 130 service units - and the technological environment of the company Aegea it must be ready to respond quickly to an eventual market increase, without having a negative impact on operations.

THE V8.TECH, right at the beginning of the work with Aegea, diagnosed critical points in the systems infrastructure: slow response time, hardware obsolescence, lack of redundancy – an essential approach to avoid system interruptions with the unavailability of the main site – and, consequently, frequent server unavailability, mainly in accounting closings monthly. It was also common for the environment to reach full capacity at peak times, which meant that the billing process took hours to complete.

To account for the complexity of the operation of the Aegea, a V8.TECH proposed an expansion of the IT infrastructure. The objective was to solve the gaps of the past and offer a more robust solution to support the company's strong growth.


Based on the project prepared by V8.TECH, the Aegea replaced the Exadata Cloud at Customer Gen1 by a processing platform Oracle Exadata Database Machine X8M-2 (Quarter Rack), with Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory, with high computational power. As a result, it was possible to improve the performance of the main activities of the operation, reducing the billing process time, which is the company's main routine, by five times. The effect of the efficiency of Aegea it was immediate and noticeable in all the municipalities served.

In addition to the performance, stability and security provided by the installation of the Oracle Exadata X8-M with Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory, the creation of contingency in Oracle Cloud allowed gain of resilience to the environment and increased the availability of data.

With the new projects and concessions, the company's data volume has increased exponentially, making the proper management of this information mandatory. With Oracle Exadata X8-M, time consumed by the billing process was reduced by five times, which significantly improved the service in the municipalities served. Another benefit was the optimization of resources, since the employees who followed the processing hours could be directed to more strategic activities.

The platform has the capacity to meet the company's growth in a concrete way. With the contingency in Oracle's public cloud, in addition to benefiting from the production environment replicated and secure on another site, numerous opportunities for technological innovation are opened, such as, for example, the use of Machine Learning, Analytics and Big Data , with the objective of further improving the operational efficiency of the Aegea.

“It has been an incredible experience to support Aegea in the process of transforming the business through technology. Aegea is experiencing rapid growth, so V8 ensured that it would have cost predictability, scalability and continuity in delivering performance through the Oracle solution. This would not be possible without the alignment of two more great pillars of V8, which are the people and the strategic partnerships we build.”
Graci de Melo, Director of Sales, Marketing & Alliances at V8.TECH

“In addition to making our demands viable, such as the modernization of the tool and the promise of optimized performance, we could also count on the V8.TECH team to fight for values that fit our budget and adapted to the requirements of the boards. V8.TECH, together with Oracle, sought the ideal solution for the project to be approved.
Currently, Aegea has V8.TECH as a great partner. The work goes beyond providing equipment: with commitment, the team monitors our entire operation to ensure our best performance.”
Eduardo Portes, IT Manager at Aegea


The architecture designed by V8.TECH together with the Aegea team made it possible to overcome the company's challenges and achieve consistent results. Rigorous in the need to meet the demand for data with speed, the consultancy suggested replacing the Exadata Cloud at Customer Gen1, with only 16 processing cores, by an Oracle Exadata Database Machine X8-2 platform (Quarter Rack) with 96 cores, the that would allow to increase the processing capacity.

The migration to the new platform was carried out by the V8.TECH project team and, in a few weeks, the main environments were already being made viable with performance gains in the business units and in the company's billing processing.

The results were aggressive: in addition to a more dynamic performance of the routines, there was an increase in operational efficiency during closures (billing) and greater resilience of the environment with the public cloud contingency. The adoption of unlimited licensing – proposed by V8.TECH – unlike static – which was already used by Aegea – was also a differential for the performance of the autarchy: it meets the demands of growth and new projects without demanding unforeseen investments, via acquisition of other licenses.

“Intel is always innovating and working to develop new technologies and solutions. Our strategy is to promote the ecosystem with the best technologies on the market and that's what we did with Aegea, which had the support of V8.TECH to define an architecture that would bring stability, speed and security to the company, attributes that are part of One of the pillars offered by Exadata X8M technology with Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory, collaboration that generates incredible results for companies.”
Francine Gaeski, Intel partner manager

Aegea, as the largest private sanitation company in Brazil, has a fundamental role in improving people's health and quality of life. Its digitization trajectory is intertwined with the history of modernization of the utilities market and that is why Oracle is proud to support this journey, starting back with a database, Oracle Database Appliance and now with the private cloud infrastructure composed of Private Cloud Appliance and Exadata X8M.
José Eduardo Braz Ferreira, sales VP of Converged Infrastructure at Oracle

About Aegea:

Aegea Saneamento is a leading private sanitation company (49% of marketshare) operating through its concessionaires in several states from north to south of Brazil. With consistent growth, Aegea jumped from six municipalities served in 2010 to 154 cities in 2021, in 13 states, benefiting more than 21 million people. This growth was only possible thanks to the company's business model, which is based on operational efficiency, focus on universal sanitation and responsible investments in line with ESG principles (In Portuguese: Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance).

All projects developed by Aegea rely on cutting-edge technology and systems that are always up-to-date to accompany the development of the municipalities, regardless of their size. In addition, concerned with the improvement of the sector and its teams, the company created the Aegea Academy, a training program that encourages professional qualification, research and the production of academic materials related to sanitation management.

Aegea's solidity and dynamism make it possible to develop tailored sanitation solutions for municipalities, always seeking care for the environment and, especially, for the quality of life of the population.


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