We are a new company, with even more
specializations and scope!

We are driven by innovation and technology!

We support clients to reinvent their businesses by building and transforming their core business, with optimization of operations, IT, digital transformation and growth acceleration, the result of the comprehensive portfolio built over the years, originating from the strategic combination of three large companies: V8 Consulting, Devires & Experience.

We offer a wide range of solutions to our clients, including application development and migration, DevOps projects, Big Data and Analytics, as well as Artificial Intelligence solutions.

currently the V8.TECH has more than 100 customers among the 1000 largest companies in Brazil, serving several sectors, including Financial Services, Industry, Health, Insurance, Media and Communication, Utilities, Education, Telecom, Retail, Agribusiness and Transport.

From São Paulo, V8 operates regionally, providing services in other countries of the Latin America, such as Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.

“We are V8 because we believe in the power of a company's engine, people. Whether they are our customers or our collaborators. ”

V8 Experience

We believe in meritocracy, collaboration, people innovating and making a difference and in various other forms of behavior that make us the V8.TECH. We put our beliefs into practice every day and this has become our company culture.

Our Beliefs:

• Search for efficiency
• People with sparkle in their eyes and who seek to work with even better people
• Credibility
• Deeply know the customer
• Empower people
• People willing to take risks and dream big


• Facing the truth
• Simple solutions to complex problems
• Meritocracy
• Be proud of yourself and your company!
• Little hierarchy and no walls
• Getting to know our people and providing them with the necessary conditions to achieve their goals

success stories

Check out some of the success stories that have revolutionized our clients' businesses 
and are highlights in the IT market:

Sky troca serviço de suporte à infraestrutura de TI em tempo recorde

Cliente: Sky

Com monitoramento de logs, Banco PAN otimiza experiência do cliente e eficiência operacional

Client: Aegea

Rumo migra sistemas críticos para a nuvem e aumenta a eficiência operacional

Cliente: Rumo

Aegea accelerates time to market by 90% and data analytics by 40X on Oracle Cloud

Client: Aegea

Banco Carrefour: Modernizing Data Infrastructure to Drive Innovation

Client: Banco Carrefour

Original Database: Data Recovery

Client: Original Bank

Veeam reduces data recovery time from 40 hours to 5 minutes and supports Banco Original's growth strategy.

“We are V8 because we believe in the power of a company's engine, people. Whether they are our customers or employees.”