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Hyperautomation is a disciplined, business-oriented approach that organizations use to quickly identify, examine, and automate as many business and IT processes as possible. Hyperautomation involves the concerted use of multiple technologies.

Hyperautomation deals with applying advanced technologies, including RPA, IPaaS, Low-code, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), to automate more and more processes and augment humans. Hyperautomation extends across a range of tools that can be applied, but also refers to the sophistication of automation (i.e. discover, analyze, design, automate, measure, monitor, reevaluate).

As no tool can replace humans, hyperautomation today involves a combination of tools including robotic process automation (RPA), data integration (IpaaS), intelligent business management software and AI, with the purpose of decision making increasingly guided by Al.

Two prominent areas are
big tech users

• Continuing operations exploit technology to run the business today, modernize it and improve efficiency, and gradually grow the business. Existing business models and technology environments set the stage within which innovation opportunities are exploited and will ultimately influence the cost, risk and success of implementing and scaling innovation efforts.

• Continuous innovation exploits technology to transform the business and create or respond to disruptions that affect the business. This innovation cycle looks at more radical changes in business models and supporting technologies, as well as new business models and technologies that extend the current environment.


Gartner's predictions 2023:
hyperautomation (including AI,
RPA and Low Code)

Hyperautomation initiatives continue to grow at an unrelenting pace despite looming economic challenges, talent shortages and supply chain issues. In fact, for the third consecutive year, 80% of Gartner customers report that they will increase or sustain hyperautomation spending.


Hyperautomation provides the
your business and your leaders:

• Automated processes (not just robots)
• Process Coordination
• Advanced analytics
• Increased employee satisfaction and motivation
• An educated workforce
• Increased employee capacity
• Instant and accurate information
• Increased compliance and reduced risk
• Greater productivity
• Greater team collaboration
• Best Customer Satisfaction



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