Private Cloud

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Through infrastructure, V8.TECH offers more control, customization and security.

THE private cloud It is an on-demand cloud deployment model in which cloud computing services and infrastructure are hosted privately, usually on your own intranet or data center, using proprietary resources that are not shared with other organizations.

If the business is in an industry that requires additional levels of security to ensure compliance, but the flexibility of the cloud is desired, this model is highly recommended as it offers a higher level of security and privacy through firewalls and internal hosting to ensure that operations and confidential data cannot be accessed by third parties. Data is only available to company users, but at the same time, it allows authorized users to access data from anywhere.

Through virtualization, the V8 TECH develops processes for creating a software-based or virtual representation such as virtual applications, servers, storage and networks, effectively reducing IT expenses while increasing efficiency and agility.

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