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Banco Carrefour: Modernizing Data Infrastructure to Drive Innovation


How to Navigate the Complexity of Data:


The development organization of the Carrefour Bank needed to make data available for activities of 
development and testing consistently, quickly and in compliance with data privacy regulations.

Prior to implementing Delphix, the bank faced the following challenges:
• Data delivery for development and testing activities took 24 to 36 hours, impacting deadlines
application delivery and delaying business-critical initiatives.

• The bank used a tool that generated synthetic data for development and testing activities, but the tool was unable to produce data with the volume and quality required to meet the organization's needs.

• The bank did not have a way to centrally manage the masking of copies of production data, or to centrally manage the delivery of masked production data to non-production environments. Prevent disclosure of personally identifiable information (PII) and comply with the regulatory requirements of the LGPD was fundamental for the bank. The company's previous attempts to mask data were unsuccessful. Such attempts were responsible for violating test cases and failed to reduce the risk surface in non-productive environments that contain most of the personal data subject to the LGPD.

• Several members of the development team were constantly waiting on new datasets to complete their projects, and others took the time to help create new data environments. The result was an inefficient use of the development team's time and resources.


The team implemented Delphix, a programmable data infrastructure platform, which met the following requirements:
• Seamless integration into the supply chain DevOps tools of Banco Carrefour via APIs and elimination of waiting times for development activities and data testing.

• Providing up-to-date production and quality data to improve test quality.

• Centralized management and enforcement of masking policies across all instances of productive source data in non-production environments. The result was the elimination of non-productive environments from the scope of the LGPD and a drastic reduction of the data risk surface.

• Reduced infrastructure costs.

“In addition to being easier to use than manual or alternative solutions, the Delphix solution allows us to manage data with the same speed and agility as code. We are able to deliver faster data faster for financial reporting and better analytics, in addition to being able to deliver more agile applications."
Aydes Marques, CTO Banco Carrefour


Acceleration of Software Development Cycles Associated with Compliance with the LGPD Results and Impact With Delphix, Banco Carrefour is able to empower development teams with fast and compatible data at scale. The modern data infrastructure allows:

– 320x faster data availability.
The financial institution used to take more than 16 hours to deliver ready-to-use data environments for development and testing activities. Now it only takes 3 minutes.

– Increased developer productivity.
Development and QA teams get faster access to high-quality, compliant data. And they can easily version, tag, update, and share copies of test data via the API or at the click of a button, without having to involve database administrators.

– High quality delivery.
With Delphix, teams have access to the right test data at the right time. QA can maintain and build libraries of test data versions, leading to higher quality delivery, and perform shiftleft testing using real data identical to the production environment. With these features, Banco Carrefour's software team accelerated its development and testing cycles and delivered new product features to the company at a much faster pace. 

– Compliance with LGPD in all non-production environments. 
Delphix automatically identifies and masks personal data in all non-productive environments, dramatically reducing the data footprint that is subject to GDPR.

– 70% storage savings.
The ability to provide space-efficient virtual copies of data has significantly reduced infrastructure costs.


Instant data recovery
The Veeam Backup & Replication tool significantly impacted data recovery time, reducing it from 40 hours to 5 minutes.

Simplified Audit
As the financial sector is highly regulated, the reports provided by Veeam meet the needs of the market and facilitate audit processes due to the wide range of information provided.

Agility and security
Veeam's solutions offered an even more agile and secure environment for the Bank, which feels more confident in launching more products and services to its customers in a better Time to Market.

With these features, Banco Carrefour's software team accelerated its development and testing cycles and delivered new product features to the company at a much faster pace. 

Across all industries, companies face increasing pressure to innovate and become increasingly digitally savvy. For Banco Carrefour, modernizing its data infrastructure is just the last step in automating critical infrastructure and processes to support digital innovation.

"Like technology integrator, our goal is to recommend the best technology to our customers, which in this case was the Delphix platform. In partnership with Delphix, we helped Banco Carrefour bring data agility to DevOps and achieve data compliance. It is a rewarding experience to be able to add value to our customers at all stages of their digital transformation journeys.”
Graci de Melo – Director of Sales, Marketing & Alliances at V8.TECH

About Delphix:

Delphix is the leader in the Programmable Data Infrastructure industry. Delphix automates the biggest challenge in Digital Transformation, the dice! Cloud, CI/CD and IA/ML have a high demand for data and development environments.

With our multi-cloud data platform, companies can make 30% cloud adoption faster, deliver 50% software faster, and access 90% more data for IA/ML. In parallel, it ensures compliance and security, maintaining the privacy of personal data and adherence to regulations such as LGPD, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA.

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