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Opting for a more modern technology ensures centralized management and resilience to processes and high availability of the database.


Intervalor is one of the main players in relationship and financial services in Brazil and has always invested in technology to have an environment capable of meeting all of its clients' demands. With the company's growth and a market that demands more and more speed, in 2018, V8.TECH was chosen by the institution to monitor and administer databases and support the IT infrastructure area, taking care of updating of these areas.

It was precisely after V8.TECH's immersion in the Intervalor environment that it was possible to diagnose the improvements to be made so that IT could support the growth of the business, guaranteeing a modern infrastructure and allowing a quick response from applications.

The consultancy's proposal was for Intervalor to replace the traditional technology used until then (storages, servers and virtualization) with a hyperconvergence technology (HCI), which is more efficient, secure and capable of managing the complexity of banking.

V8 Consulting suggested the adoption of Dell VxRail. But, before the total approval of the project, the partnership between the companies needed to be strengthened: despite the consensus of the IT area in modernizing its environment, it was necessary to give visibility to the proposal within the institution. The intention was that the V8.TECH project would also be embraced in the systems and data departments.


V8.TECH's expertise in relation to Dell technology, the partnership between the technical teams and the efforts to meet the budget were important for the approval of the project. With the assessment of Intervalor's environment in hand, V8.TECH understood the client's main needs. To promote the refresh of the environment demanded by the institution, the consultancy indicated the adoption of Dell VxRail hyperconvergence technology. With the implementation of the system, Intervalor gained high performance, capacity to grow both horizontally and vertically, RAM expansion, availability of datacenters with speed and resource savings.

To ensure better environment performance, V8.TECH also guided the adoption of VMWare vSAN, software-defined storage; and VMWare vSphere, Hypervisor solution. vSAN is enterprise-grade storage virtualization software that, combined with vSphere, lets you manage compute and storage on a single platform. vSAN for hyperconverged infrastructure Integrated into your hypervisor.

VSphere is the industry-leading processing layer virtualization platform and its first step towards application modernization. It has been redesigned with native Kubernetes to allow customers to modernize more than 70 million workloads currently running on vSphere. Now, with vSphere with Tanzu, modern containerized applications can run alongside the virtualization of existing enterprise applications in a simple and unified way.

“The strategy adopted by V8.TECH was assertive. Offering a new technology, hyperconvergence, to Intervalor and making the project viable, aiming at the best results for the company, made the partnership even more solid. With the planning and commitment of the teams, we were able to refresh the environment, which is so urgent for Intervalor's applications, within the expected timeframe and with the best results.”
Luciano Gonçalves, Account at V8.TECH

“V8.TECH's dedication to understanding Intervalor's demand, transparency in negotiations and the partnership of the technical teams were fundamental for the work to be completed. The V8.TECH offer was the most adherent and we were able to implement it as planned, with significant gains in our operations and acceleration of management.”
Milene Zabot, Director of IT and Strategy at Intervalor


For almost a year - from the assessment of the environment to the implementation of the Dell VxRail, VMWare vSAN and VMWare vSphere hyperconvergence technology, Hypervisor solution -, the technical teams worked together, with precise planning and commitment, to implement the system, stabilization of environments, data migration and, finally, optimization.

Good reviews
With the implementation of hyperconvergence technology, Intervalor gained speed in its applications. The more stable environment contributes so that the contact with the final consumer is fluid and with quality. As a result, Intervalor's assessment of the customer ranking improved and the company won more operations and new portfolios.

High availability of the datacenter
One of the company's key indicators is its performance in credit recovery. With the new platform, the institution provides database bases with simplicity and agility. What's more, data compression had a considerable gain, around 80%.

Well-used routines
Processes that took 10 to 12 hours and ran during the night were 70% faster.

Flexibility and simplicity
Dell VxRail does all the deduplication and compression of data centers. A database that normally has 20 TB of data, in a traditional environment, can allocate a maximum of 20 TB of data; with the new technology, the same environment supports 40% more of the data volume (about 30 TB), with disk savings.

Guaranteed growth
With the acquired scalability, Intervalor gained momentum to meet its growth goals for the next one and a half years.

Effective performance
The fluidity of the process as a whole has allowed the backup windows to be reduced considerably. If previously the data teams spent the night in this processing, today they guarantee the availability of the bases in an interval of two to three hours.

“Intervalor is a very strategic client and V8 identified the possibility of implementing a hyperconvergence solution guaranteeing performance gains and ease of management, 100% meeting Intervalor's needs and objectives. We at Dell have always supported our customers and partners on their journey to digital transformation and that was the case at Intervalor.” 
Meiriane Arruda, Dell Account Executive

About Intervalor:

Intervalor, founded in 1999, is one of the main relationship players and financial services in Brazil. It has technology and innovation as pillars of its business, with the main objective of providing great results to its customers. Recently, Arvato Financial Solutions, a German multinational company with operations in more than 20 countries, acquired the majority control of Intervalor.


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