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Autopass: Protection, agility and scalability


The use of a solution that allows high availability, scalability and stability of the data environment always aims to guarantee substantial gains to the operation and urban mobility.


When it comes to urban and human mobility, Autopass is one of the experts, especially in relation to electronic ticketing. For more than 11 years, it has operated transport cards (metro and buses) in Greater São Paulo and on the coast of São Paulo and has been working with strength to bring technology and efficiency to its more than 4.5 million users. Despite being a privately managed business, there is a very demanding public demand, since some states and municipalities are the main customers of Autopass.

The partnership between Autopass and V8.TECH began in 2006, when the integrator launched itself in the market and started working with the urban mobility company CMT (currently, Autopass is its partner in technology services).

With the number of public transport users and the need to offer very effective services – in times of a pandemic, for example, avoiding queues at the ticket office was mandatory – Autopass developed the TOP, a QR Code digital ticket to be used at subway stations and CPTM. The proposal is for the user to buy their ticket through the application and with the QR Code in hand to board easily. For this to work, Autopass presented a new challenge to V8.TECH: they needed a technological solution that could handle the new product (and that would be applied throughout the company's portfolio), with a bold scalability projection, aligned with the high database performance.


V8.TECH already had a service provider-oriented role at Autopass, with the purpose of designing architectures and delivering robust and complete solutions, together with the provision of software licensing from its strategic partners. With the demand for improvement in the delivery and efficiency of the operations and data area of Autopass, V8.TECH proposed the adoption of the Oracle Exadata X8M platform, added to an unlimited licensing park, in order to consolidate the proposed model and strategy .

Until then, Autopass worked with an infrastructure that would not support the projected growth of 1 million to 7 million transactions per day in three years. At the end of 2019, companies began negotiations for the deployment of Oracle Exadata X8M with precise planning for data migration. In July 2020, TOP, launched by the governor of São Paulo, João Doria Junior, was already running on the new platform without incident and, until the first semester of 2021, the implantation will also be carried out on Cartão Bom products, used in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. Sao Paulo; Itacard, in Itapecerica da Serra; and City +, in Guarujá, on the coast of São Paulo.

“V8.TECH has been a partner of Autopass for a long time and, recently, with the sale of Oracle Exadata and other Oracle solutions, in addition to all the support that was given in the implementation of this tool – from clarifying doubts to the last adjustments for the platform to work flawlessly – they became even more active in the company. Thanks to the resiliency and availability of V8.TECH, we are expanding the product and service portfolio of this work together. Soon, V8.TECH will take over the entire Autopass operation, which demonstrates the agency's care in always being by the customer's side, understanding their pain and proposing the best solutions.”

Rafael Sandini Augusto, Autopass Architecture Manager

“V8.TECH has a long-standing partnership with Autopass and one of the pillars of this healthy history is that we face the problems that arise quickly, together with the customer, in a productive way and with excellence. We, at V8.TECH, are always attentive to Autopass's expectations in order to offer even more peace of mind and innovation to its executives. And the difference is not just in enabling the use of the best technological solutions: the V8.TECH and Autopass teams have the same objective, to deliver value to the end user.”

Graci de Melo, Director of Sales, Marketing & Alliances at V8.TECH


From the well-defined need of Autopass, V8.TECH was able to offer a solution that combines high performance, very fast response time and operational efficiency without increasing operating costs. The inclusion of the Oracle Exadata platform + Oracle Licensing and all its value-added features allowed scalability, time savings, efficiency and, above all, stability.

Better use of time

 With the adoption of the Oracle Exadata platform and Oracle solutions, the urban mobility company is able to reach the goal of responding to the end user in 0.7 seconds.

There was also a gain in speed: the reading of the QR Code from the Exadata improved by 30%.

High Stabilization

The implementation of technological solutions has stabilized the Autopass data environment.

Scalability gain

The insertion of Oracle Exadata allowed Autopass, from the TOP application, to handle about 1 million more transactions per day. Until the launch of the system, the municipality had a demand of 2.5 million uses per day. The goal, with this guarantee of scalability, is to reach 7 million transactions per day.

One of the great advantages of technological modernization is that it can quadruple the number of transactions in the same time interval.

Greater Availability

Technological innovation also improved the processing time and, in some cases, reached 50% in the bat mesh, promoting an increase in the operation.

Security for the end user

With the possibility of using electronic tickets, via mobile application, Autopass ensures that the user has his credit available at any time and safely.

“Partnerships, such as the one signed with V8.TECH between Oracle and Autopass, are essential for making technological innovations viable. The understanding of what the customer needs and what our solution is able to offer is intermediated by V8.TECH with engagement and commitment and makes the projects successful. A successful partnership is based on united goals: in this work with Autopass and V8.TECH we managed to dream together!”

Ricardo Buffon, Senior Sales Director, Oracle

About Autopass:

Autopass is a technology, solutions and services company associated with urban mobility. With the expertise of a decade operating electronic ticketing in Greater São Paulo, Autopass aims to make life easier for citizens with the implementation of payment systems for bus, subway and train tickets with credit, debit or prepaid cards , pioneers in Latin America. For seven consecutive times, it was recognized as the best ticketing system operator by the magazine Maiores do Transporte & Melhores.


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