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V8.TECH wants to reach R$ 500M in sales in 2023


Company earned R$ 270 mi in 2022 and wants to reach R$ 300 mi this year. Expansion movement includes acquisitions and new hires

THE V8.TECH, Brazilian company of IT services, wants to maintain the average annual growth of 30% of the last five years also in 2023 and reach half a billion reais in sales. The integrator founded in 2014 by Rodrigo Xavier plans, in order to achieve this result, to expand its presence in thousand biggest companies in the country, including big names such as AEGEA, Banco Original, Intervalor, Autopass, Fácil Assist and Banco Carrefour.

Currently with 350 employees, the company sold R$ 341 million in 2022, and earned R$ 270 million – figures, according to the company, have been audited by KPMG since 2019. For 2023, the goal is to reach close to half a billion in sales.

“For 2023, the expectation is for revenues in excess of R$ 300 million and a significant increase in our inventory of recurring long-term contracts, which should exceed the mark of R$ 500 million for the coming years”, says Xavier.

Currently, V8.TECH claims to have more than 100 clients in the select group of the thousand largest, mainly in the financial sector, industry, health, insurance, media and utilities, among others. With an office in São Paulo, the company also operates regionally, providing services in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.

The company currently focuses on three main lines of business, all focused on customers' digital transformation journey: cloud, data and digital. “Currently, the Cloud line represents 60% of billing, Data Driven 20% and Digital 20%”, says the executive.

The last two divisions were created just over three years ago, and “in a very short time our result grew very significantly, showing that more and more customers demand suppliers capable of supporting them with a complete vision, approach and portfolio” . Xavier says that large customers appreciate the feeling of security and quality coming from suppliers, but they also demand agility and innovation.

That's why the company bets on a relatively lean structure, dispensing with a “board of consultants made up of thousands of people”. For him, the difference lies in having “well-trained and culturally aligned” professionals, as they are “more productive”. The company ensures that the approximately 350 current employees meet demands that would require at least double or triple the number of people.

“This year we are investing approximately R$ 50 million in our sales operation and specialized services with the aim of exponentially increasing our capacity to meet the demands of our customers”, says the executive.

With the escalation of the business, V8.TECH expects to have an average of 30 to 40 vacancies per month to be filled.

recent acquisitions

Part of the 2023 strategy rests on the expectation of V8.TECH's integrated portfolio, which acquired two companies in 2022: Devires and Experior.

Devires specializes in developing multichannel applications and implementing agile projects, DevSecOps, Big Data and Multicloud services. Experior, on the other hand, is focused on streamlining and simplifying the handling of corporate data through Analytics services and innovative technological platforms.

“We are going even more confidently in search of half a billion reais, with end-to-end solutions for our customers, through consulting offers and technologies that will adhere to the challenges of business in digital transformation”, says Xavier.