GitLab is one of the most comprehensive DevSecOps platforms on the market. Gitlab is a tool that adds several functionalities, but, primarily, it is a repository manager based on Git, just like Github. In addition, it also connects several tools from the DevOps world, as well as CI/CD concepts and even Kubernetes.


A única empresa focada em Data in Motion. Plataforma de processamento de fluxo de eventos escalável, confiável e segura. Desenvolvido pelos criadores do Apache Kafka, o programa ajuda as empresas a criar pipelines de dados em tempo real e integrar fluxos de dados de todas as fontes em um único sistema central de processamento de […]


Self-service data management: AI and intelligent processes save time and make data management easier.


Database for DevOps: Accelerate digital transformation with faster, lighter, and more secure data than you ever thought possible.


Enterprise DevOps: Optimize software delivery and deliver customer value to grow your business.


DevOps for Database: Track, version, and deploy database changes automatically.


Simplified Search: Explore and analyze data differently using the power of search.


Cloud Data Platform: One platform, many workloads, no data silos.