Success case

Green Treasure Sustainability Seal


V8 is certified with the Green Treasure Sustainability seal attesting compliance with the ESG agenda.

V8 took a very important step related to the ESG agenda: we are now certified with the Green Treasure Sustainability Seal. The seal is a BMV product that attests to a company's socio-environmental compliance.

Through a general assessment carried out over the years, V8 is in constant pursuit of a cultural transformation, understanding what needs to be undertaken in terms of a conscious corporate culture and socio-environmental aspects in order to have transparent governance.

V8 had the support of BravoESG consultancy to be certified with the Selo Verde, by Grupo Brasil Mata Viva.

Bravo ESG is part of Bravo GRC and was created in 2021 as an arm of Bravo GRC in solving issues related to Governance, Risks and Compliance (GRC) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), issues supported by technology.