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Yearbook Informática Hoje – Editorial Forum 2021


V8.TECH is awarded as Outstanding Company of the Year and is also ranked among the TOP 200 companies in the IT sector in 2021.

Award Forum Editorial Informática Hoje 2021 edition. V8.TECH is Highlight of the Year in the Channels segment – Medium Size and we are also in the ranking of the 200 Largest IT Companies for the third consecutive year.

Fórum Editorial e Eventos is the company responsible for publishing Informática Hoje, Anuário Informática Hoje and Anuário Telecom. And for carrying out the events Prêmio Profissional de TI, Mesa-Redonda Informática Hoje and CIO After 6. Forum also has a team with extensive experience in the production and dissemination of information for the corporate market of information technology and telecommunications.