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V8.TECH and Wevo Jitterbit close partnership to offer hyperautomation solutions


The agreement will leverage the services offered and promote portfolio synergy, combining technologies, skills and industries to connect end-to-end processes.

V8.TECH, an IT integrator specializing in the development and modernization of applications, DevOps projects, big data, analytics and AI, and Wevo Jitterbit, an integration platform (enterprise iPaaS), signed an agreement to offer the market and respective customers, system and application integration solutions, API management, application development using low-code application and process automation.

The partnership focuses on supporting companies across Brazil in their digital transformation journeys and in innovation and operational excellence projects. In a scenario where the number of different systems used by company departments can surpass the mark of dozens of applications, Wevo Jitterbit's iPaaS platform allows organizations to connect applications, data, processes and services easily and in on-premise/cloud environments private (client computing infrastructure) and public clouds, through the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

“There is a range of new, legacy and SaaS platform applications and systems that need to communicate transparently so that information can flow within the company. With this new set of solutions, we want to position ourselves as a strategic partner in our customers' hyperautomation journey, whatever the challenge or roadmap they want to follow. We do this not only by combining technologies and tools, but also by offering knowledge of processes and industries”, explains Gilberto Holms, director of engineering at V8.TECH.

The adoption of a corporate iPaaS platform accelerates the digital transformation and automation of companies' processes by facilitating all stages of integration, monitoring and failure management between different systems and applications, regardless of the technology used (APIs, file exchange, access to databases, web services etc).

THE Wevo Jitterbit has been recognized for many years as Global Leader in Gartner Quadrant and has more than a thousand connectors (a thousand market applications) available and ready for use. This allows for a reduction in integration implementation time of up to 90%, without depending on the availability of the customer's internal IT/Engineering teams and with monitoring tools that ensure execution in mission-critical environments.

“We are in a phase of strong business expansion in Latin America and we can count on the high-specialization of V8.TECH this journey is a strategic step for our company”, comments Marcio Silva, Director of Alliances and Channels at Wevo-Jitterbit for Latin America.

The announcement of the agreement comes at a heated moment for the hyperautomation sector, evaluated by the market as a key piece to drive innovation and growth of corporations, being essential to ensure scalability, governance, predictability, transparency and data security. Research by Gartner points out that the growth of hyperautomation platforms and their great benefits will drive 80% of large companies to adopt this type of solution in the coming years.

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