Success case

Partnership between V8 and MV facilitates migration of hospitals and health plans to the cloud


In a sensitive environment such as hospitals, the integrity and availability of information are essential for the quality of services. With this objective in mind, V8 Consulting, a company specialized in technology integration, became a partner of MV, a provider of healthcare management systems.

The partnership's greatest asset is applying FastCloud, a solution created by V8 to facilitate transitions to the cloud, to MV's information ecosystem. The result, MV.FastCloud, allows hospitals, health plan operators and public agencies, among others, to take their essential systems from a traditional server to the cloud environment in a quick and simple way.

“Unlike the traditional process, in which the electronic medical records management and management systems, for example, would need to be redone in the cloud, FastCloud allows for an immediate and complete transition, without the need to make adaptations”, explains Rodrigo Xavier, director of strategy and innovation of V8. “This means a giant gain in agility and savings in team training”, he says.

In addition to the ease of transition, the agreement facilitates access by MV customers to the support of Oracle products offered by V8 – awarded as the best infrastructure partner of the American company in Latin America. An example is round-the-clock monitoring to ensure critical systems never fail. “MV's applications use Oracle's infrastructure, so we complete a circle of security and efficiency around our customers' entire technology network”, says Mozart Marin, commercial director of MV.

With more than 1,400 clients in Brazil, Latin America and Africa and a total number of users that exceeds 375 thousand professionals nationwide, MV opens the door to an important market for V8 Consulting. “Our perspective for the coming months is that around 100 companies will use the MV.FastCloud solution or our full-time monitoring services”, says Rodrigo. With the partnership, V8 expects to maintain the pace of growth of the last four years of, on average, 300%.

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