Success case

With updated infrastructure, Banco Original expands service availability


Project with V8 Consulting updated banking core using Oracle solution. Performance gains were 70% on average.
Banco original

The portfolio of retail customers – as individual account holders are called – of Banco Original has grown almost six times since 2019. It went from 700 thousand accounts in that year to more than 4 million in December 2020. This made the digital bank become was forced to expand the information technology infrastructure, with a view to both a response to growth and the expansion plan for the coming years.

“Our infrastructure needed to keep pace with exponential growth, with quality and availability”, says Everton Sims de Queiroz, Original's IT infrastructure manager.

In November 2019, the company started an infrastructure expansion project with V8.TECH, an integrator from São Paulo specializing in corporate solutions for the cloud. The strategy was to replace the Oracle SuperCluster series systems, used for five years by the bank, by the Exadata X8M platform, also from Oracle and equipped with Optane storage technology, from Intel.

The new system went live in March 2020. The investment amounts were not revealed by the companies.

Migration and results

The new platform operates Original's core banking, which means investment, insurance, pension, loans and credit card authorization operations, among others. With more speed, the institution improved the availability of databases for the bank's business areas.

The change required the migration of more than 50 million files from the GED (Electronic Document Management) system to Oracle Exadata. This allowed for a reduction in the execution time of services in the internal areas of 25%, according to Daniel Sobral, director and founding partner of V8.TECH.

With the adoption of Exadata, Original estimated to improve the performance of the routines by about 30%, but achieved an average of 70%.

“After we started operating on the platform, we had performance gains in deliveries of up to 90% in some cases”, says Queiroz. “The customer is the center of our strategy and one of our goals is to always offer the best experience. With the new solution, we were able to improve our app, with a higher level of performance and speed in query times.”

At dawn

One of the main gains obtained was in the process called “turn of the date”, which is the process of updating the date and reconciliation of the banking system. Usually the process takes place during the night, and in the Original it happened around six o'clock in the morning.

With the change, it is possible to complete the process at 2:30 am, that is, there is still enough time to correct possible unforeseen events before the start of the so-called “banking hours”. Data processing was also streamlined, with 46,000 files processed in an hour, compared to 6,000 in the same interval before the migration.

In 2020, the Banco Original application had availability rates above 99.98% for the month, considering the migration downtime.

“All the transactional data query processing was benefited by the platform in general, which became much faster, and the analytical part was reduced from hours to minutes”, says the director of V8.

Evolving partnership

The partnership between Original and V8 began in 2014, when V8 began acting as a technology advisor to the bank. Since then, ten more projects have been carried out using Oracle technology.

“Since we've been living day-to-day at Banco Original for a long time, we dispensed with the discovery stage. This facilitates the discussion of demands, the way we are going to think about the design of the project, allowing us to reach a consensus very quickly”, says Sobral.

New technological modernization projects between the two companies are already planned for the coming years.

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