Success case

Banco Carrefour modernizes data infrastructure and adapts to LGPD


Modernization project in partnership with V8 Consulting brought speed to development and facilitated testing.

To modernize and comply with the LGPD, Banco Carrefour needed to make data from development and testing activities available consistently, quickly and in compliance with all data privacy regulations.

Application deadlines often delayed critical business initiatives. The institution did not have centralized management both for masking copies of production data and for delivering masked production data in non-production environments, which contain most of the personal data subject to the LGPD. It was necessary to comply with the regulatory requirements of the new law, preventing the disclosure of personally identifiable information, while ensuring agility for the development team in completing projects.

To solve the problem, the institution hired V8.TECH, which designed and implemented the strategy for modernizing Banco Carrefour's data infrastructure, through the implementation of the Delphix data platform for DevOps.

In addition to reducing infrastructure costs, the integration of Banco Carrefour's DevOps toolchain via APIs not only ended wait times for development activities and data testing, but was also able to generate up-to-date production data to improve the quality of tests. Centralized management and enforcement of masking policies across all instances of data originating from production in non-production environments eliminated non-production environments from the scope of the LGPD and significantly reduced the data risk surface.

“As a technology integrator, our goal is to recommend the best technology to our customers, which in this case was the Delphix platform. With this partnership, we helped Banco Carrefour bring data agility to DevOps and achieve data compliance. It is a rewarding experience to be able to add value to our customers in all stages of their digital transformation journeys”, explains Graci de Melo, director of sales, marketing and alliances at V8.TECH.

What has changed

With the modernization, data availability is 320 times faster. Delivering ready-to-use data environments for development and testing activities, which used to take over 16 hours, now takes three minutes. To comply with the GDPR in all non-production environments, the Delphix platform automatically identifies and masks personal data in all non-production environments, drastically reducing the surface area of data that is subject to the GDPR. The ability to provide space-efficient virtual copies of data significantly reduced infrastructure costs, bringing 70% in storage savings.

“In addition to being easier to use than manual or alternative solutions, the Delphix solution allows us to manage data with the same speed and agility as code. We are able to deliver faster data for the preparation of financial reports and better analytics, in addition to being able to deliver applications more quickly”, says Aydes Marques, CTO of Banco Carrefour. “We plan to drastically expand the use of the Delphix platform in the coming years to support our corporate growth in Brazil and remain in compliance with current legislation such as the LGPD and the GDPR”, he concludes.

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