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Autopass Move2Cloud: Technology added to human capacity for business expansion


The success of migrating data centers to the cloud depends not only on the best technological resources, but mainly on adequate planning to the client's needs and project execution by a team of experienced professionals, who understand the partner's business and its key performance indicators. performance, reducing the complexity of managing and operating your IT environment in a personalized way.


Specialist in management solutions for the entire public transport ticketing chain, autopass operates in 43 municipalities in the state of São Paulo, a market that represents 40% of Brazil's mobility. It is an integrative company, with technological tools capable of adapting to any type of platform, managing millions of transactions and cards issued daily.  

To continue growing and offering innovative and intelligent solutions for the operation of rail and intercity bus transport managed by EMTU (São Paulo Metropolitan Urban Transport Company), Autopass needed to expand its data processing capacity and network performance without compromising the routine of the operation and the service of its more than 4.5 million daily transactions, with more than 11 million cards issued. 

Within this challenging scenario, the autopass entrusted the restructuring of its technological core to the V8.TECH team, which identified the bottlenecks and centralized the transition from environments without timeout.  

Developed by a team of professionals specializing in large-scale projects, the architecture redesign was based on the projected growth of the portfolio gives autopass in the coming years, as well as the context of the recovery of the post-pandemic economy and the demand for solutions to modernize the means of payment for metropolitan transport.  

It is worth mentioning that one of the company's novelties is the TOP, a new platform of integrated services that unites urban mobility to the lives of all citizens, with an accessible language for the target audience. This platform has the QR Code Digital Ticket, the new single ticket for the SP rails, and a new card that goes far beyond transport, expanding the services offered, which now also have a new transport and shopping card, all integrated into a single application, unique actions and exponential in the market. 

"The V8 Group was concerned with bringing innovation through technology, allowing the largest urban mobility services company in Brazil, Autopass, to be able to support 4.5 million passengers a day and at the same time launch innovative products, such as payment by QR Code or card recharge by WhatsApp” – Graci de Melo, Commercial VP at V8.TECH

“The main differential of V8 is the concern with the customized solution for the client. V8's advisory purpose understands the partner's pains in order to be able to offer him exactly what he needs.
Rodney Freitas, CEO of Autopass.


THE V8.TECH drew a Redundant architecture based on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS), a product of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that allows to run the VMware's SDDC (VMware Cloud Foundation) stack on Bare Metal servers on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. processor based Intel Xeon Platinum, this solution provided benefits such as application redundancy and better processing and memory rates, having as main pillars stability, performance and high availability.

THE hybrid architecture allowed the migration of VMware-based Autopass workloads for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure without the need and obligation to modify them, and in a totally transparent way for its employees and public transport passengers. In addition, Autopass has gained scale and agility while maintaining business continuity with VMware-based tools, policies and processes. 

The processing instances Bare Metal by Oracle Cloud VMware Solution are composed of pIntel Xeon Platinum processor, providing Autopass with the highest CPU core count available for any VMware-based solution on the market today.

Although complex, the data center migration was carried out in record time, without affecting the daily operation, thanks to the joint and integrated work of the teams. The previous work of analyzing the technological infrastructure and the project to modernize the environments and review the equipment had the participation of several professionals.  

“Part of Intel's purpose is to always innovate and work on technologies that will make a difference in people's lives. Our strategy is to promote the entire ecosystem with the best on the market, as is the case with Autopass, which had the support of V8 Consulting to define an architecture that would bring stability, speed and security to the customer. All of these attributes are part of the cornerstones offered by Oracle's Exadata X8M technology with Intel Optane Persistent Memory technology. This collaboration between partner and technology, added to the interest and dedication of the client, is what can guarantee incredible results for the company” ”
Francine Gaeski, partner manager at Intel


– The infrastructure was designed to provide high availability, stability and performance; the three main pillars of the project brought greater speed and flexibility for Autopass to create and manage the experiences of its employees and customers, accelerating the time-to-market to quickly launch new products and services. How TOP card, for example, passengers have benefits in one place and many more benefits on a daily basis, being integrated with the transport portfolio and a digital account.

– The daily transaction capacity supported by the infrastructure went from 35 million to 66 million, which can reach up to 240 million transactions;

– With the modernization of the technological infrastructure, the autopass was able to put into practice strategy of offering products and services based on new market demands and customer profiles, such as the new TOP hybrid card, which features exclusive market features, with a transport wallet and debit and credit functions;

– For the single passage on the rails, the Digital QR Code Ticket, already exceeds the mark of more than 130 million QR Codes sold on public transport in São Paulo.

– Autopass is now able to scale products faster and more securely. 

– The meticulous analysis of the old environment and the careful planning of the technological refresh through the integration of professionals from both teams were decisive for the data center migration to be carried out in record time.

About Autopass:

With 12 years in the market, Autopass is the largest company in the complete management of the electronic ticketing chain in Brazil. A company that has the differential of being an integrator, with technological tools capable of adapting to any type of platform. It manages, with flexibility and adaptability of suppliers and technologies, generating expansion of business fronts and adding value and intelligence to the operation. For nine consecutive times, it was recognized as the best ticketing system operator by Maiores do Transporte & Melhores magazine.


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