Success case

Easy Assist: Modernized data center infrastructure


A personalized, efficient and modern IT infrastructure brings countless benefits to the operation: it guarantees scalability, greater security and availability, in addition to centralized management and process resilience.


At the beginning of 2019, Fácil Assist approached V8.TECH with a challenge: the company needed effective protection for its datacenter database. After understanding the needs and assessing the company's environment, the V8 team diagnosed that the project was more comprehensive and complex, as it was also necessary to substantially improve the contingencies: installing a DR (Disaster Recovery), eliminating points of failure unique to take advantage of the structure and environment with two replicated physical datacenters (SP and SBC) and install an additional structure in the cloud, on AWS.

The main objective of the project was to considerably improve the availability of the core servers and critical components that support Fácil Assist's business with security and maximum data protection.


With the assessment in hand, V8.TECH designed a reference architecture considering the total modernization of the datacenter and the creation of a DR datacenter, in addition to the entire protection software layer, data replication and centralized management for agility in demands by Easy Assist.

Strong technological support
The infrastructure is no longer a bottleneck and has gained status as an ally in the Easy Assist business.

For the reference architecture to be implemented, V8 proposed the use of technologies that met the financial expectations of Fácil Assist, after all, the final project of the consultancy was totally different from the company's first demand. Among them were: virtualization and server management with solutions vSphere and vRealize Operations, from VMware, aimed at consolidating and centralized data center management; the solution of Backup & Replication, by Veeam, for data protection and replication; and the data storage solution Dell EMC PowerVault ME4012.

Expansion speed
Using the solutions vSphere and vRealize Operations, gives VMware; Backup & Replication, by Veeam; and Dell EMC PowerVault ME4012, in addition to the immediate gains for the business, a dimensioning of the infrastructure was established for a period of three years, guaranteeing flexibility to expand or reduce the operation in a predictable and agile way.

The new reference architecture streamlined tasks that previously took days: in addition to significantly improving performance, it made it possible to create development and QA environments in less than 15 minutes.

“It was one of the most relevant projects in the company. Today, thanks to what was built by V8.TECH, we work very calmly, we feel safe! The credit goes to the V8.TECH team who knew how to design the project and also made it fit within the budget that was provisioned. With this investment, our goal is to offer better tools and solutions to our end users: 24/7 support workers need a highly available, stable and scalable environment. We can say that, in many situations, our service saves lives!
Another fundamental point of this work is the value of the V8.TECH brand. It certainly accredited the project, giving the necessary approval to close the contract.”
Felipe Figueiredo, Head of Infrastructure for Fácil Assist 

"For V8.TECH, being part of a strategic and relevant project of a company like Fácil Assist, whose clear purpose is to deliver values that go beyond technology to its customers, was an honor. Contributing to making the 24-hour service area even more agile, efficient and available – so that, as Felipe mentioned, 'it can save lives' – made all the difference.

This is also the way we seek to add value to our customers: we understand technology as a means that, combined with a great purpose, can indeed improve the lives of many people, even saving them. We thank Fácil Assist and its team for entrusting such responsibility in our hands and believing that companies that have the same purpose will do much more than digital transformation, we will transform lives! This is just the beginning of our partnership. Thank you Felipe and the whole team!
Graci de Melo, Director of Sales, Marketing & Alliances at V8.TECH


Fácil Assist chose the solution offered by V8.TECH, composed of the solutions vSphere and vRealize Operations, from VMware; Backup & Replication, by Veeam; and Dell EMC PowerVault ME4012, since the consultancy's proposal met the demands for IT improvement. Access to technologies was intermediated by Synnex / Westcon Brasil.

In order for the project to be effective, with good results as soon as the new infrastructure was ready, the migration responsibilities were shared between the companies: V8.TECH carried out the installation of equipment and systems, in addition to assisting Fácil Assist in the migration of its workloads for this new environment.

It also made the software configuration available for cross replication between the two new infrastructures. The migration of the environments lasted only two months without impacting the end users, who continued to access their systems without slowness or interruption.

“Find a partner who understands the criticality of your business and develops a solution together with team in a collaborative way and well aligned with our interests and our budget was decisive for the success of this project with V8.TECH! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the competence and partnership of the professionals involved who completed the project in accordance with our expectations!”

Marcelo Tort, IT Director at Fácil Assist

“Modernizing the company's equipment was a challenge: in addition to offering technology that would support the growth demands of Fácil Assist, there was also the need to adjust the budget. But working in partnership with V8.TECH, which designed an efficient, resilient and economically viable architecture, made it possible to provide a project with great results.”
Fernando Nakamura, partner business manager at VMware

Resilience of the new IT environment

The robustness of this new IT environment was confirmed by the results of the operation, which today supports more than 60 virtual machines. The data stored with the new infrastructure and services went from 5.6TB to 15TB and the response time of the applications had a gain of around 60% thanks to the use of high performance and low latency disks. The creation of approval and development environments now takes about 15 minutes. 

More mature environment and services

With the restructuring of the datacenter, the environment went from zero to 100% virtualized, meeting the demands and compliances of the business, in addition to reaching levels of performance and stabilization of services that were not feasible in the previous structure. The professionals of the technology team of Fácil Assist gained time to develop new projects, managed to implement some balancers, climbing alone, decreasing, killing what was old. The environment now has scalability, availability, greater security and centralized management.

Focus on strategic decisions

The project allowed Fácil Assist to proactively look at its environment, gaining time to analyze and suggest improvements in the processes that resulted from the increase in the scope of services for the next three years and maintained the best practices of the market with DR ( Disaster Recovery).

Maturity in moments of expansion

With the infrastructure and services offered by V8.TECH, Fácil Assist achieved real gains in its business. Currently, it offers its customers a unique experience in 24×7 service, delivering greater agility and availability to policyholders.

The high performance of the environment makes it possible to serve more than a thousand employees in the call center.

“With V8.TECH, we were able to balance the expertise of the companies (Fácil Assist and Liberty) from the point of view technical and business, resulting in a process of constant improvement of our environment. We returned to looking at our strategy and resuming projects that were at a standstill, in addition to the current structure supporting large expansions, since the support and technological scalability are very well done. All of our intelligence today is based on this structure. ”
Felipe Figueiredo, Head of Infrastructure for Fácil Assist

About Fácil Assist:

Fácil Assist is a company specialized in 24-hour emergency services, therefore, the availability of the environment is fundamental to the company's business and the new reference architecture was able to meet the expectations of shareholders in the merger scenario between Fácil Assist and Liberty.


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