Success case

Autopass migrates to Oracle Exadata X8M


After the operation grew, the company made the project with V8 Consulting.

Autopass, a technology, solutions and services company associated with urban mobility, adopted the Oracle Exadata X8M solution with V8 Consulting, a São Paulo-based integrator of corporate cloud solutions.

Until then, Autopass had been working with an infrastructure, whose name was not disclosed, that would not support the projected growth of daily transactions. With the increase in demand generated by the pandemic, the company needed to update its platform to support this growth in the operation.
The company needed a technology that would bring high availability, scalability and stability to the data environment, improving the shopping experience and optimizing user shipments.
For this, V8 Consulting indicated the implementation of Oracle Exadata X8M, added to an unlimited licensing park.

Until the launch of the new system, the company had a demand of 2.5 million daily uses and, after the project, the operation was able to support 7 million transactions per day.
According to Autopass, the implementation brought gains in scalability, efficiency and stability of the data environment, in addition to time.

The platform allowed the company to reach the goal of responding to the end user in 0.7 seconds, while reading the QR Code from Exadata was 30% faster. The processing time was also improved and, in some cases, reached 50% of the batch mesh.

With the support of these solutions, in December the company launched the TOP, a new digital ticket that allows the purchase of tickets using QR Code technology, on the São Paulo subway and CPTM.

“Soon, V8 Consulting will take over the entire operation of Autopass, which demonstrates the agency's care in always being by the customer's side, understanding their pain and proposing the best solutions”, says Rafael Sandini, architecture manager at Autopass.

Founded in 2009, Autopass operates electronic ticketing for public transport in Greater São Paulo, including the payment of bus, subway and train tickets with credit, debit or prepaid cards. The company operates 7 million transactions a day.

Created in 2014, V8 works with end-to-end and multicloud solutions, from infrastructure to data management and virtualization projects, big data and artificial intelligence — working with the brands Oracle, Google, Dell, VMware, Delphix and Veeam.

The integrator's client portfolio is made up of companies in the financial services, industry, health, insurance, media and communication, utilities, education, telecom, retail, agribusiness and transportation sectors. Among them are Oi, SPC Brasil, Banco Original, Rumo and Intervalor.

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