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Autopass: infrastructure with Oracle and VMware


Project based on Intel processors is by V8 Consulting.

Autopass, a technology, solutions and services company associated with urban mobility, adopted a redundant architecture based on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) with V8 Consulting, a São Paulo-based integrator of corporate cloud solutions.

Previously, the company had already adopted the Oracle Exadata X8M solution with the consultancy and needed to expand its data processing capacity and network performance without compromising its operational routine — with more than 4.5 million daily transactions.

In this scenario, the V8 Group team considered the projected growth of the company's portfolio in the coming years, the context of the recovery of the post-pandemic economy and the demand for solutions to modernize the means of payment for metropolitan transport.

Based on this, the consultancy designed a redundant architecture based on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS), a product that allows running VMware's software-defined data center (SDDC) stack on dedicated servers on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

The data center migration was carried out without affecting day-to-day operations and the daily transaction capacity supported by the infrastructure increased from 35 million to 66 million, with the possibility of reaching up to 240 million.

The processing instances are powered by Intel Xeon Platinum processors, which gives the company the highest CPU core count available for any VMware-based solution on the market today.

According to the company, the solution provided application redundancy and better processing and memory rates, with stability, performance and high availability.

The hybrid architecture would have allowed the migration of VMware-based Autopass workloads to OCI without the need and obligation to modify them.

The use of the new infrastructure also accelerated the time-to-market to launch new products and services, such as the TOP card, in which the passenger has the benefits of integration between the transport wallet and a digital account.

“The main differential of V8 is the concern with the customized solution for the client. The advisory purpose of V8 understands the pain of the partner in order to be able to offer him exactly what he needs”, evaluates Rodney Freitas, CEO of Autopass.

Created in 2014, V8 works with end-to-end and multicloud solutions, from infrastructure to data management and virtualization projects, big data and artificial intelligence — working with the brands Oracle, Google, Dell, VMware, Delphix and Veeam.

The integrator's client portfolio is made up of companies such as Oi, SPC Brasil, Banco Original, Rumo and Intervalor. In 2021, the consultancy earned R$ 185 million, up from 8% compared to the previous year.

Founded in 2009, Autopass operates electronic ticketing for public transport in 43 municipalities in the state of São Paulo with more than 11 million cards issued, including the payment of bus, subway and train tickets with credit, debit or prepaid cards. paid out.

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