Data Driven

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We look for technologies around the world that can simplify the way companies interact with their data.

The data explosion brings countless opportunities for companies' businesses

– It is estimated that by 2025 we will produce 180 zetabytes of data worldwide.
– By 2025, 95% of decisions that currently use data will be partially automated.
– The fastest growing companies in the world use their data as a pillar of innovation.

The explosion of data (biga data) brings countless opportunities for companies' businesses, but along with the opportunities, challenges also arise, and many companies still struggle to manipulate large volumes of data. IT teams find it difficult to deal with data spread across different locations and repositories and, to make matters worse, regulatory issues further limit the few possibilities.

Our proposal is to work with unique and disruptive platforms that solve problems. We help companies manipulate and fully benefit from the data they have, making it the center of decision-making, offering computational analysis solutions for large volumes of data in order to solve problems and obtain insights through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We offer technologies that can be installed on the most diverse platforms (on premise, cloud, hybrid).

We work with award-winning platforms with great prospects.

We offer solutions that abstract technology from data.

Plug & Play:
Tools for easy installation and understanding with a friendly and self-explanatory interface.

Strategies for managing data require different approaches. We offer solutions at various levels of security, infrastructure, storage, search, sharing, analysis and visualization through systems from Database Management Systems to cloud deployment.


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