Customer Experience

Customer experiences that drive results

Customer Experience (CX) is the set of perceptions and impressions that a consumer has about a given company after interacting with it. It can be defined as a set of actions to improve the company's relationship with the customer throughout their journey, from pre to post-sales. The objective is, in addition to closing a deal, to engage and retain them through experiences of excellence until they become promoters of the brand.

With the powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, capture and interpret customer experience data. Easily analyze structured and unstructured feedback to uncover real customer sentiment, prioritizing actions and predicting customer behavior.

V8 TECH, through strategic partners in the CX area, provides, through solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, customer experiences that generate results, transforming experience signals into actions that drive growth.


Among the many solutions we offer:

– Design and Operation of Customer Service Solutions (Social Networks and Bots);
– Customer and Employee Journey
– Service Automation
– Marketing Automation
- Social media


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“We are V8 because we believe in the power of a company's engine, people. Whether they are our customers or employees.”